We Were Lovers Once

from by The Carolan Brothers



We were lovers once, ours was a tragic affair,
You were my secret, I swore I would keep it,
But nobody knew how I cared.
We were lovers once, and we got used to the shadow,
When you see me on the street, try your best not to meet me,
For fear that somebody should know
The things we shared a long time ago.

We were lovers once, though we were never in love,
We shared memories and bled intimacies,
But I could never get close enough.
Yes, we were lovers once, though these days we can't share a word,
A distance has grown 'tween your heart and my own,
And our past is a thing that's ignored for our future we could not afford.

Isn't it strange how our feelings have changed,
How you once lit up my world?
I don't feel that way anymore.
To think we were lovers before.

We were lovers once, but now I only see you on darkened streets
Longingly you stand as you wait for your new man,
Well, does he remind you of me?
When we were lovers once? And we had our own hideaways?
When love was deceiving and hard to believe in,
So I questioned the things you would say,
And imagination would carry us away.

When it was midnight, I'd wait under street lights,
Just to steal one word or two.
Do you ever think of us then
And wish to be lovers again?

Now when I'm drinking, it's of you I'm thinking,
And that's when I knock on your door.
You say I'm unable to trust, "we were only in lust,"
And to think that we were lovers once."


from Equinox, released June 27, 2014



all rights reserved


The Carolan Brothers Ireland

The Carolan Brothers are a 6-piece folk and roots-rock band hailing from Drogheda, Ireland. The band place an emphasis on storytelling in the folk tradition, punctuated by memorable melodies and sweeping musical interludes. The band have become known for their distinctive vocal harmonies, and continue to draw an esteemed following with their raw, natural sound and retro-folk stylings. ... more

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