from by The Carolan Brothers



Well first I lived for others but they did not live by me,
They were swayed by ways of base sensuality.
I could not let it go on, blind my eyes or hold my tongue,
So they cast me off and sank into immorality.

Then I took a lover and lived for her entirely,
But she was given to living independently.
The writing was on the wall and my bags littered her hall,
And it was harder to part with her so amicably.

Next I lived for myself and I lived quite happily.
Sated by my state of self-sufficiency.
But soon I found myself among the friends I had once frowned upon,
And I frequented their dens of gross indecency.

Though tarnished by the carnage I revelled in greedily.
I might have been saved from the depraved quite easily.
But my habits had taken hold, they die hard and we die old
And in this harem, not a care in the world occurs to me.

While out and down, I was found by a girl who would love me,
A woman of good grace, taste and purity.
In the midst of that quagmire, she found something to admire,
And she fell for me so rapidly and totally.

She unlocked the shackles that weighed me down so heavily,
And I am hers and she is mine exclusively.
But I will not up my nose, or look down from a-high at those
Who seek comfort in the bosom of promiscuity.

For though we are together and live ever happily,
The lowlights of my life burn incandescently.
I am human and can be tempted and by lust I'm still affected,
So like Augustine, I pray for chastity eventually... But not immediately.

And though I am tied down, I am bound willingly,
And the chains that bind don't burden me.
There is no sense in seeking happiness in someone's being,
Find it in yourself and the rest will follow naturally.


from Equinox, released June 27, 2014



all rights reserved


The Carolan Brothers Ireland

The Carolan Brothers are a 6-piece folk and roots-rock band hailing from Drogheda, Ireland. The band place an emphasis on storytelling in the folk tradition, punctuated by memorable melodies and sweeping musical interludes. The band have become known for their distinctive vocal harmonies, and continue to draw an esteemed following with their raw, natural sound and retro-folk stylings. ... more

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